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Egg in a Hole with Tomato Sauce

Whether you like your eggs runny or firm, the egg in a hole (or birds nest or egg in a basket!)  is an easy and quick way to enjoy an egg.  We like to add toppings to ours for added flavor and fun.

1 Slice of Bread per person – We like to use an Italian round. Use whatever you have like sourdough or sliced loaf bread.
1 Egg per slice of bread
Olive oil
Sea salt & ground pepper to tasteIMG_7318
Any Due Cellucci Tomato Sauce or Basil Pesto

1. Cut a hole in middle of bread — can be round, heart shaped, square, whatever you like! Tip: using a cookie cutter makes it easy to get a clean cut
2. Drizzle olive oil on both sides of bread and rub to cover evenly
3. Place bread in heated pan of griddle and cook until golden brown.
4. Flip bread and crack egg into the open hole. Sprinkle with black pepper
5. Cook until desired firmness of egg over med heat.
6. Remove from heat and plate.  Sprinkle with sea salt and desired topping.