Scheduled Delivery Service- FAQs

What is Scheduled Delivery?

A new service that delivers Due Cellucci Tomato Sauces to any U.S. address automatically in the timeframe you choose.  You won’t have to remember to keep placing an order online so you’ll never run out of sauce!  We’ll save you time and mind space! Because, let’s face it, we only have so much room in our brains.


How does Scheduled Delivery Work?

  1. Tell us where to deliver.
  2. Select number of jars and which flavors of sauce you would like for your delivery.
  3. Let us know how often to deliver.  Deliveries arrive on Wednesdays. You decide if you’d like it every 1, 2, 3, 4 etc weeks.  You can start your delivery right away or a future date.
  4. Once we receive your choices, we’ll send you a confirmation of your start date and payment information.

That’s it!  You can sit back and let us take care of the rest.  (Insert mini celebration here).


Is there a fee to use this service?

There is no fee to sign up for Scheduled Delivery service.  Just the cost of your sauce and delivery, like usual.  And, delivery is FREE for the first year if you sign up in 2016!


Why should I use this service?

  1. You’ll save money.  Sign up in 2016 and your first year of delivery is FREE.  After that, pay only $30/year for delivery every 4 weeks or $50 for every 2 weeks.  That’s over 50% off!
  2. You’ll save time.  You can skip this aisle at the grocery store!
  3. You’ll avoid household protests and outrage by never running out of Due Cellucci sauce again.


Do I need to be home to receive the delivery?

You can plan for this delivery the way you would to receive any other package at your home.  Don’t fret…we will make it happen.


Can I modify, cancel or place my delivery on hold?

Yes, anytime!  You can change the amount or flavors of sauce.  You can place your deliveries on hold or cancel the service whenever necessary. Wouldn’t it be great if everything in life were this easy?


Still have questions?  Contact Us.

Click here to sign up today

(Remember sign up in 2016 and delivery is FREE for 1 year!)