We often get notes of love and photos showing us how they are using our sauce:

  • I am OBSESSED with your sauce.  Its so clean and fresh. I can taste every ingredient in the jar.
  • It’s delicious.  Wow.  I thought I’d have a little taste while I was waiting for the pasta to cook and I ended up eating half the jar.  Big hit with the kids too. You blow every other brand out of the water.
  • Did a taste test of your sauce vs. what I had in fridge. Huge difference. Yummy!!!
  • I have finished all 6 bottles. They are delicious!!!! I shared with friends and they all loved it. I even came home from work one day hungry and ate a whole jar of the Tomato Basil right there!!!
  • My husband came home tonight and said “Smells like you’ve been making sauce all day.” Nope! I just opened up a jar of Due Cellucci sauce.  Thank you!!
  • We cracked open a bottle of the traditional tonight to use on our homemade pizza.  We all LOVED it. Such     depth of flavor.  Blows everyone out of the water.  The kids were raving about it & they’re our toughest critics
  • I just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed your sauces!! They brought back many memories of my childhood cooking! Delicious! Thank you for all that you give to The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society! 
  • I sampled all the flavors and I have got to say, they were phenomenal. The choice ingredients you mentioned, as well as the care you put in to making the products can really be tasted.
  • My son tonight: “Mommy, this is so much better than the spaghetti you usually make”. Ha! A ringing endorsement from my little food critic! It was DELICIOUS and also, I realized I’ve been making spaghetti wrong for years. 🙂 Thank you for enabling me to finally have some positive food reviews from the kids. I guess it’s easier if you use the right sauce.