Our Process

Our recipes are true to the way my family has made them for over 50 years.  All our products are personally hand cooked so we can ensure each jar of sauce tastes the way my grandfather made it in Naples.

We start by carefully selecting the best imported San Marzano Italian tomatoes.  A good sauce was meant to be cooked slowly in order to build layers of flavor.  So we use specially designed kettles that allow our sauces to take the time they need to cook and simmer to create a flavor that awakens your taste buds.

Once the taste is perfected, the sauce is immediately jarred while piping hot and individually sealed by hand.  Each jar is then personally inspected by us so you can expect homemade taste at your table.

What makes us different?
1. Imported San Marzano Tomatoes – these tomatoes are grown in the volcanic soil of the San Marzano region. That soil produces tomatoes with a beautiful red color, sweet flavor and easy to remove skin with a low seed count. They also have a low acidity.
2. There are more than 7 San Marzano Tomatoes in each jar!
3. Our sauces taste fresh (you can taste all the ingredients) and have a deep layer of flavor because we take the time to cook them long and slow.
4. We don’t add sugar. Any sweetness is natural from the tomatoes and vegetables inside.

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