Our Story

Me and my little brother Enzo
Chef Enzo

When we were young, my brothers and I would often visit our dad, Chef Enzo, in the kitchen of our family-owned restaurant in Connecticut.  As I got older I realized how happy his food made people and how fortunate we were to enjoy it everyday. Over those 25 years there was much praise from our customers about my family’s recipes. Restaurant patrons were always asking my father to sell his sauces.
My younger brother Enzo, a wonderful recreational cook, was going to  “spread the love” by jarring my family’s sauces. Sadly, Enzo lost his battle with Leukemia in 2003 and the sauce would have to wait.

After closing the restaurant and retiring, my father still cooks delicious meals at family gatherings.  It was after one such gathering that we decided to sell the sauce.  Since most of my career was spent in the food and beverage industry, why couldn’t I marry my love for cooking with my profession?  Then it clicked – I had been searching several years for the right way to honor my brother. Creating this sauce, in his memory, was the perfect way.

My Due Celluccis

With my own two boys in mind, my “due cellucci”, I decided to finish what my brother started. It is with the same care for quality ingredients that I learned from my father that I share these sauces with you.

In honor of Enzo, a portion of the proceeds from each jar of Due Cellucci will go to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  My hope is that my family’s sauces will not only transform your pasta, vegetables, fish, and meats into delicious meals, but that it will do a little good in the process!

My children never got to meet their Zio (uncle) Enzo but I know they will always know that this kind, smart, and joyful person inspired their mom to create something meaningful.

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What does “Due Cellucci” mean?

The word “cellucci” is a slang word associated with my family’s hometown of Villa Santa Maria in the Abruzzi region of Italy.  It means little bird.  “Due” means two. My family has affectionately called my boys our “due cellucci” since they were born.  Both my family and my sauce are hand made in small batches with lots of love!